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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Entertain Kids on a Road Trip

Trip to Pittsburgh - 3 hours
We got all the kids headphones to reduce the noise level in the van but it hasn’t helped.

·         7 year old sings along, off-tune, to everything she’s watching while wearing head-phones

·         5 year old broke his head-phones in 4 weeks.  He hung them on hooks in the van and did God knows what with them.

·         3 year old can’t keep them on her head correctly and gripes so much we just keep them in a bag so she watches movies on the Kindle right behind us.

Someday they will all be as good as 7 year old in wearing them so I’m dreaming of our next van upgrade which must have the following:

·         DVD player in the front of the van where parents can control the movies and each kid has a plug in for headphones. 

·         Cup holders for every child

·         At least 2 plugs for re-charging electronics

I’m sure I’ll still hear “na na nan a Na NA NA nan a na nana aaaaaaaa” but at least they will be on one shared movie system. 

Our current entertainment options include:

·         MobiGo2 – two with one cartridge that is shared (with a timer that mom sets)

·         Old iPhones with Bugs & Buttons and Angry Birds – two

·         Kindle – with movies and games

These get passed around until they die.  I bring extra batteries for the MobiGo’s but I’m not equipped to keep everyone’s electronics plugged in at the moment.  So sorry for the inconvenience kids, we will do our best to get you guys fully charged at all times on the entire road trip, even if it kills us J 

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