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Monday, August 31, 2015

Failure to Thrive ~ Part 3

Recap on our situation with Evie. 

6mo appt - she was 11.6lbs and the doctor expressed concern, wanted to see her back in a month. 

7 months 14 days appt - We traveled to Texas for 4 weeks so it took us a little longer to get her back to the doctor and she had not gained any weight, in fact she had lost .1 ounce so this put the doctor into panic mode where we were told to get her weight up in one week or she'd be hospitalized.

7 months 21 days appt - She went up to 11.8lbs so the doctor eased off the hospital threat and we agreed to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and I continued to fed her every 2-3 hours and throughout the night.  We also took her to church and got her anointed and prayed for because that's what we do as Christians, ask God for help to fix our baby.  We also started feeding her a cookie at every meal and she seems to enjoy this new routine.  We buy the Gerber Arrowroot cookies and organic shortbread cookies that are 150 calories for two.  She refuses to take any bottles or sippy cups and nothing from a spoon. 

8 months 2 days - She went up to 12.2lbs.  The doctor was satisfied and said she didn't need to come back for a month.  This was a huge answer to prayer both in weight gain and in doctor backing off on making us come in every week.  We're also thankful we didn't need to subject her to tons of testing. 

This is her chart:

In my experience babies hit a super active period around 8 months old and then they get really hungry.  With Violette, we had a similar situation where she 11.9lbs at 6 months, then 12.1 at 7 months with a big spike to 14.5 at 9 months.  In that two month period she was down on the floor playing, building muscle mass and she got really hungry.  We expect the same to happen with Evie.  Next update will be after her 9 month appointment on the 30th of September.

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