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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Apparently there are limits as to what a Stay-At-Home-Dad will do

And today that thing is the Valentine's Day cookies/craft/give-away thing-a-ma-bob for the entire class. 

Husband brought the kids home from school today and entered my home office with a frantic look on his face and said "you need to go out and get Valentine's gifts for Charlotte's class, the party is tomorrow!"

"But honey, I have a lot of work left today."  He leaves my office without a word.  A line has been drawn in the sand. 

First I try to think of a way to convince him it's not a big deal, just go to Target with all 4 kids and pick something but instinct tells me that's a terrible idea. 

Second I sulk.

Third I remember we have an entire batch of red velvet cupcakes in the freezer and I could quickly ice them but then I'd need to figure out a way to package them individually because what parent wants their kids coming home with a sticky cupcake in a bag with other candy and random goodies - Kindergarten schooled me in what to expect.  Cancel the cupcake plan.

Forth I google "easy Valentine cookies" because I don't want to make sugar cookies and ice them and deal with all the kids wanting to help.  It will be a two hour project and non-stop negotiations.  I found this lovely gem for "Valentine Strawberry Cookies" but still requires a store trip.  Fail.

Then I remember I'm out of flour so I'm going to the store regardless of what I pick.  Very sad now.  Oh well, at least dinner's a quickie!  Pierogies with pre-made sauce.  Maybe I'll make everyone go with me!  NO, that will take twice as long! Now stop agonizing over this and get back to work!!

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