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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unseated from her throne as "baby" of the family

Week 3 and the shenanigans level is very high.  I took a 14 minute professional call and she followed me around the house chattering like a mag pie and causing minor destruction everywhere.

At one point brown saliva ended up on her shirt, hand, toy box and the couch.  There was no food in sight so I can't imagine what she had found to eat.  I promptly put the baby down and cleaned quickly, removed her shirt and tied to put a pink one on while she screamed and flailed because she had not been given a choice so I did what I used to do with #1, grabbed her and held her in a bear hug until she stopped crying.  I've rarely seen a tantrum end quickly without some sort of intervention because its a cry for attention so I give it until they are ready to chill.

She's also begun to ask why over everything, even when it's most illogical.  This part always drives me insane because the game is simply to keep asking why no matter what mom says.

There is the "balance on beanbag on top of couch" fun factor.

The opportunistic eating of brother's cupcake with all icing removed on one side.

"Mama, go away" - Vi
"Hey!  Are you eating Sam's cupcake" - Mama
"Uh, I don know!" - Vi
"Vi!  You can't eat Sam's cupcake!"  - Mama
"Why?" - Vi
"Because it's not yours!"
- Mama
"Why?" - Vi
"Because it's SAM'S CUPCAKE so I'm putting up on the microwave where you can't reach it!" - Mama
"Why?" - Vi
"Ug, this conversation is over!" - Mama

She was not this rowdy prior to 4th baby's arrival!

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