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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

We really need to rethink our Halloween costume strategy.  Myself and husband are artists yet we went out and bought 2 out of 3 costumes and spent way too much money.  Next year all costumes WILL be homemade!  Especially since we will have 4 kids by that time!!

Charlotte Indian - 6 years old

Sam Ghost - 4 years old - but shortly after this photo he decided he hated the costume so we had to switch to a backup cowboy outfit.  Our neighborhood thought it was a hoot to have a Cowboy and Indian together!  No more costumes over the head for this boy!  We had trouble last year with his robot costume for the same reason, he can't stand anything touching his face. 

Violette Butterfly - 2 years old (she removed the wings before the photo shoot, I was just glad to get her standing still long enough for a photo!)

By the time we got Sam redressed in the Cowboy outfit, light was almost gone.

So after trick or treating we did a few more photos inside.

We had less trick or treaters this year.  I guess next year I'll only buy one bag of candy! 

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