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Monday, June 16, 2014

To Celebrate Father's Day, we are going to ask dad to do everything he does on a normal day, and then some!

Because he's DAD (Duty Abiding Dude), or something like that.  I've never been good at making up acronyms.  We started the day by not making him breakfast.  At one point I whispered to Charlotte to tell her dad happy Father's day.  We did not get him a card or present.  In all fairness, I didn't get anything for Mother's day.

We made him pack up all our beach supplies and drive us to the beach.  Of course he had to carry everything and play with the kids in the water while mom lounged under the umbrella.

We did however, make exactly half of dinner before getting too tired and asking him to finish it - BUT see this way everyone thinks he did all the work and he gets thanks from the kids.  See?  It's a gift that WE give to HIM.

We love you Molder Clan DAD!  Keep on giving!!!

ps.  Yes really, we love you!!!!!

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