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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Help! I need an Elsa dress for my darling's 6th Birthday!!!

"I thought we agreed that we wouldn't go ALL OUT for birthday parties", my husband dryly says to me after I text him that we have an Elsa dress crisis.  Clearly he does NOT understand the magnitude of the situation.

Charlotte's birthday is in ONE WEEK and I promised her a Frozen birthday party complete with Elsa dress!  Frozen invitations have already been sent out!!

Was there a time when I didn't have birthday fever; that rash of panic that comes with making the most memorable perfect party for my little darlings?

I must have been rational once, he remembers it.

The drama started a week ago when I suddenly realized that there were NO Elsa dresses in stock - anywhere!  Except on Amazon where greedy sellers had purchased all the Disney Store versions and were selling them for $161.00 and UP!  No way, I'm not that mother.  I'll panic and fret but I will not pay that much.

By miracle, I found one by The Factory Depot for only $48.00 + shipping, okay that's still more than I wanted to spend but it was the only thing available and upon placing order, they promised it by June 10th - which came and went two days ago!  In a panic, I wrote to the seller only to learn it was on back order for 2-3 weeks.  This is NOT Happening!!!  Her birthday is on June 19th!

So, I went to Ebay which inexplicably showed me all the pricing in Vietnamese - wait, what?  I don't have time for this.  Move onto Etsy where they have lots of cute items but they are ALL custom made to order which means they would NEVER get done in time!

In a moment of absolute brilliance, and probably also due to my years of working in licensed products, I realized it's just a teal dress!  Find a party dress supplier and just buy a teal dress (thank you PinkPrincess.com (just select Flower Girl Dresses Blue)!  My husband and I can add the cape with painted snowflakes and walla!  Elsa Dress!! 

Oh, but what if the little darling realizes it's not the real Elsa dress?  Have you looked at the Disney Store version, it's just as far from reality as mine will be.  Little girls don't have Elsa's long slim body so the official Disney Elsa dresses are all loosely based on the movie version with more frills and pomp. 

Photos will be posted after the party! 

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