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Thursday, December 12, 2013

So your mommy works from home? How to enjoy time in her office without being booted out!!!

Dear Internet,

My name is The Fabulous Violette - pronounced VEE-O-LETTE when mommy makes up silly songs about me.

Having mommy work from home has been a source of absolute delight and extreme frustration.  The latter when she shuts the door.  I do my best to get her attention by bolting off the couch and demanding cuddle time every single time she comes out to use the bathroom or get a drink. 

Recently, I discovered the key to actually STAYING in her office for an extended period of time.  It's called "Not pulling things off the desk and putting them in my mouth"!  Have learned to watch mama's face while cautiously removing each curious object from her desk.  Now that we've come to a mutual understanding, she occasionally let's me sit under her desk and sort various objects like paper clips, sparkly hearts, pennies, a miniature cup and iPhone plug.

See, this is me standing by the cords and not getting in trouble!

Another rule is "Not pulling handfuls of dirt out of plants and tossing it onto the floor!".  Have learned to gently touch dirt without removing mass quantities.

Finally, mama's office has the best candy in the world - chocolate covered pomegranates!  Once I spot the bag it's all over because I pester her over and over until she gives in.  One is never enough so after a few minutes of stomping my foot and desperately trying to crawl into her lap to access more, I am booted out.  Oh how I love those chocolates!!!


The Fabulous Violette

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