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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The last straw!

This morning started out with Violette taking her time with breakfast - like 45 minutes of time!   Honestly child, the morning is not a time for socializing.

Husband got breakfast on the table and Sam happily ate everything in sight while Charlotte snipped and picked over her food finally requesting apple sauce which wasn't on the table and then eating 2 bites when it was delivered.

I was running late from feeding Violette, had worked late last night and didn't do any dishes in preparation for this morning which only means packing lunches is an even bigger ordeal.  While in the kitchen I found myself mobbed with children underfoot so I gave them each a piece of ice - never done this before - and they went off to happily chase the ice thus allowing me to finish making lunches.  Husband walks in to see them both licking the ice AFTER IT'S BEEN ON THE FLOOR - ewwww gross, but at least lunches are finally packed.

I rush into the bathroom to do some final things and upon coming out find a GIANT PILE OF TISSUES ON THE FLOOR!!!  And Charlotte, frozen in the corner at the tissue box with piles in her guilty hands.  I ask, "did you do this?".  Deer in the head-light look.  I ask again and she breaks down into tears.  I make a snap decision - "Fine, you're NOT going to school today!".  She howls in the background as I sail out the door, leaving her lovingly packed lunch box behind.

I realize that pulling dozens of tissues out of a box is a relatively minor thing but she's four and she knows this is a very bad and wasteful thing.  She knows we are leaving for school in a few minutes and she deliberately does something naughty the second my back is turned.

This is not the first time I've seen naughty behavior ramp up right before we are set to run out the door.  Therefore I'm initiating the "couch policy".  Going forward, all children must sit on a couch for the last 5-10 minutes while parents run around gathering and filling bags.

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Corrina said...

I often make my kid sit on the couch while I finish getting ready. Or I have them get in the car then I "go back in for the last few things". My girlfriend was a single mom to twins and when they were young, she'd put them in their carseats (leave doors open of course) then go back in the house and gather everything. Sometimes it's just necessary!