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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still bewildered by pre-school

They just keep coming up with these special days that parents have to prepare for and it can be daunting to plan into an already packed schedule!  Tuesday was designated as "Career Day".

Last night I laminated about the lack of career options we had in place for Charlotte - none, and decided she would just have to be a Princess.  I even proposed the Princess career on Facebook and received a very favorable response.

Today we were running late - as usual - when I announced to Charlotte that she must wear her Princess dress and crown because today was career day and she was planning to be a Princess when she grows up - right?  To which she said no, but she says no to everything I suggest and still does it.

We get to school and NO ONE in her class is in any type of uniform whatsoever!  What's more - the teacher shouts out "Charlotte I told you to wear bright colors for Joseph day!"  What?!?  That was not written or announced anywhere!  I respond weakly that pink is her favorite bright color and rush off to work.

Tomorrow is Water Wednesday where they will have water slides IF it does not rain.  For the past 4 weeks in a row it has rained.  I've now learned that NONE of the other parents dress their kids in swim gear in the morning so tomorrow I will pack her swim gear.  See - I can be taught, once I know the rules.


Amanda said...

For the life of me I wouldn't have thought that preschool could be so stressful (for the parent). Are they that disorganized? And, yes PINK is a bright colour...not sure what the person could possibly have been alluding to. ;) As for the swimsuit...yeah, I'm sure just packing it made the morning easier. :)

rubberbacon said...

It was the Bible story of Joseph's coat of many colors and Yes I'm also surprised that pre-school is so stressful, I've read other accounts but nothing could have prepared me for the awkward moments! And this is only the beginning!

Amy said...

Preschool is a whole different beast. I took my kids to the very best preschools in Jersey City and I had to learn the rules there as well.