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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Random Tuesday

Random Kid Statement of the week:

"God fell down", Charlotte after being asked "do you know God?"

Random Facebook Post of the week: (or spell check is permanently broken on posters computer)
u no wat i find f*ed up i wrk i hve 2 yrs college and a high skool diploma hw is it sumone tht cnt read or write and doesnt wrk but perfectly can makes more money than me??? God bless america!!!

Random Self Portrait:
Best 4th of July Weekend Ever:
  • Beach
  • Bonefish Grill for dinner
  • Drive In Movie WITH kids who fell asleep half way through and actually let us watch the movie
  • Watching fireworks on friends roof
Random Message for Husband:
  • Next steak should be medium well done, not cooked at 500 degrees and burnt to a crisp.

Happy Tuesday!

ps. I'm so random I wrote this on Wednesday morning, forgot to link it and only realized it Wednesday night when I tried to link it! LOL!!

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