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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Daughter's Top 5 Foods

My Daughter's Top 5 Foods (in other words, a written manual for grandparents of the only foods she will eat)

1. Cheesy Toast - a version of Grilled Cheese, without the top layer of bread, so that child can SEE the cheese and immediately enjoy said cheese without bottom bread - if she chooses.

2. Chocolate Toast - Nutella spread on toasted bread.

3. Cheesy Toast - repeat in single day.

4. Scrambled Eggs with cheese

5. Ta Ta's with cheese - cheese melted in a rolled up in a tortilla

Top 5 drinks

1. Chocky Shake - chocolate milk, Pediasure with Chocolate
2. Juice - Orange first option, apple runner up
3. Dr. Pepper
4. Water - if she's been playing hard outside
5. Repeat option 1

1 comment:

kt moxie said...

Wow... that's one cheesy girl... :)