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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The missing wallet and cat tail caught in door

Yesterday, baby and I slept an inexplicably long time. She had woken up around 6:30 (I had fed her at 5:30) and I wanted to sleep longer so I tucked her into the big bed with lots of padding surrounding her and we both went back to sleep. I thought it was only for an hour so when I finally woke up with a dry mouth and urgent need for water, I was astonished to find it was 8:20, husband should be gone for work since 8 but I stumble out to find him frantically searching for his wallet. Maybe it's in your truck I suggest. He goes out through the garage door and the cats happily race through the open door catching the 2nd cat's tail - he barely made a sound and that's when you know a cat is hurt. That and his body language as he flicks his tail and blood around the room. The cut is deep and it looks like the tail might need amputation or stitches so husband hustles the cat into a cat carrier and off to the vet.

Back story - the injured cat is Zorak, our oldest pet of 10 years. He's a 19lb gruff, sourpuss but we are fond of him.

Shortly after husband departs, I find his wallet under the bed. I collect baby, her stuff, Chopper the dog (he goes to work with husband who is a dog trainer and uses our dog for lessons), husband's lunchbox and follow. Haven't had breakfast but adrenaline rush seems to fill the void.

We arrive to the vet, which is located in a store that is actually husband's prior place of work and I sit baby's carrier on a bench, hand dog leash to husband and go back to car for his wallet.

Back story - earlier that morning, at 6am, husband gave himself a military haircut, one that I guess he had not had since before baby was born.

I come back to baby crying her horrified cry of "I don't know you, I don't want to know you and where is my MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She didn't recognize her dad with the new haircut - ha, you gotta laugh. Meanwhile the cat is doing his pain meow and we are all waiting for the vet to arrive.

Baby stays upset as husband's old co-workers come over and say hi so I grab the baby and breastfeed her since she hadn't eaten since 5:30. Husband checks in the cat and leaves for work, I'm abandoned on a bench, breastfeeding baby. There is no one in the store that early so I'm basically left in my own little world.

We take our time and when finished I walk her over to see the birds and fish. She had a really great time.

More about the cat later.

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