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Saturday, November 15, 2008

How husband and I saved an American Pit Bull

It was a recent morning and I had just returned from walking Chopper, our small cute Cavalier King Charles when I noticed my neighbor frozen in place in front of her car. I heard two girls yelling don't move and noticed they were hiding behind cars, then I spotted the Pit Bull wandering aimlessly around the parking lot. I didn't see him acting aggressively so I called out to the neighbor to ask if it was her dog, she said no and that brought the dog's attention to me and he came over to say hi to my dog, who freaked out a little and shrank against the door on the wrong side so I had to wrestle him in the house while the big dog poked his nose at my little dog. The Pit Bull was nice and seemed well taken care of so I figured someone had lost their dog.

I came inside and got the trash and on my way to the dumpster encountered a short Asian guy looking for the dog. I told him it was freaking out the neighbors and he really needed to get it on a leash and back inside. He said it wasn't his dog and he had visited a friends house who was away and upon opening the door the dog ran out and sat on his car and would I like to have the dog? Okay this dog is easily 100 lbs and kinda bulky to jump up on a vehicle and isn't this the guy who owns a Hummer and those things are tall and why is he trying to give away the dog??? this is just too strange. The dog had disappeared by this point so I came back inside and woke up husband to tell him about it. He immediately goes outside to search for the dog and we see Pumpkin's mom (I don't know my neighbor's name but I know her dogs name - cool huh?) holding her small dog and rushing back to her condo, "PIT BULL" she screams! So we know where to start looking for the dog. I feel like a total dork because I saw her start her walk when I came back in from the trash and should have warned her. See people are scared of Pit Bulls and really don't know the difference between a happy dog and a bad dog.

Husband's gone for awhile collecting the dog while I wake baby and make breakfast. He finally comes back with dog in tow just as short Asian guy walks up to us. He kinda mumbles great you found him, you can have the dog and takes off. So husband calls the phone number on the dog's collar and the dog's mom cries and thanks us for finding him. Apparently he had been dog napped from her backyard the day before and is a blue blood.

Now when I see short Asian guy running as I do my morning walk I give him the raised eyebrow.


Grit said...

that is such a wonderfully bizarre story, i am doing that lol stuff.

R. Molder said...

Hi Grit - thanks! It was a surreal morning.