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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last weekend holiday before baby girl arrives

Okay I didn’t get drastically sick. Woke up Friday morning with a sniffle and felt well enough to launch weekend holiday. As usual, Husband and I took our sweet time packing, dropping dog off at dog sitters, doing last minute bills, eating 2 breakfasts and packing lunch (I am 7 months pregnant!) and leaving by 2pm.

We called our friends and plans had changed. Instead of meeting them at a camp site and spending the weekend canoeing, hiking and beach activities, they invited us to spend the evening at their’s cousin’s house which lead to the next 3 days/evenings there. So we showed up at a total strangers house first (they got lost with the directions they gave to me - hah!) and proceeded to make ourselves comfortable.

This is nothing new to me. My entire childhood was spent with summer vacations dropping in on distant relatives that my dad seemed to know but I had never met. It was a annual tradition. I’m still quite comfortable dropping in on strangers as long as the host appears welcoming.

We had a very relaxing weekend. The beach was a mess with lots of wind, waves and rip currents so it was really awesome to have a pool to chill at. The cousins invited their neighbors every night and we found everything in common from wild techno music loved in the 90’s (My life with the thrill cult, Rammstein, Lords of Acid) to old fashioned country. There was the mutual admiration and review of tattoo’s along with a high spirited conversation about well loved animation (Simpons, The Tick, Astro Boy, etc). And all the women took great care of me since I’m pregnant and need to eat like constantly. The pool was a great way to let my body relax, back pain has been getting worse along with a constant gnawing rib pain.

The cousins took our Pittsburgh friends out on their boat Sunday for a day of fishing. I begged out because 6 hours of direct sunlight without comfortable chair is my idea of hell. Later learned the trip would have likely initiated early labor since the wind got really bad and made the boat ride so rough my friend got sea sick and threw up every where.

The same day wild fires broke out in the area. We learned the main highway was cut off at 3pm but elected to stay in the area until friends returned from boat trip at 4. Around 6:30pm, we decided to head home on an alternative route and got stopped almost immediately as that road got blocked. So we returned to the house to discuss an another alternative but it would have become a 4 hour ride home verses 2 with potential of getting stuck in traffic with no access to a bathroom. The fire got worse to the point that our host was called into duty - yes our female host is a kick-ass firefighter, how cool is that (and she rides a Harley, captains her own recreational fishing boat and strangely thinks I’m cool for going to Asia 3 times in one year ). Husband didn’t work the next day and my job is fairly understanding so we spent the night and by the next morning all was calm and I got to work at noon.

Awesome relaxing weekend.


crazywildberry said...

Wouldn't have to be your last weekend holiday if you wanted to come here for a spell. I would love to see you again. Ah, well. I guess another time. Glad that you got to see your friends and had a nice time too. How long has it been since we saw each other? Two years. sigh.

R. Molder said...

I'm afraid I'm beyond the time period where I'm allowed to fly! Otherwise I would come home for a spell. Miss you too!

crazywildberry said...

I was able to fly up to 36 weeks along. Not that I would. I am not serious though. I would feel awfully bad if you came and went into labor early and delivered without Mike or your trusted docs. Especailly with your first. I would accept you in a heartbeat, though. When are you estimating you will be up north? August? September?