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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I’m extremely worried…

I woke up with a scratchy throat and immediately attributed it to the smoky air outside. Apparently there was a big brush fire in North Lauderdale.

At work I felt grumpy and sniffly and bitched at senior designer to keep it down so I could get my work done. Well he was yacking non-stop for a period of time before I hissed words of warning. I try to be a cool boss but seriously sometimes open room environments suck.

By mid-afternoon the girl to my right was sneezing non-stop and went through an entire box of tissues. I assume if someone is feeling bad enough they will take themselves home. Should I have said something? Sent her home? Is this going to affect my health?

I’m not a hypochondriac – but I’m 7 months pregnant and the last time I got sick – I got extremely sick on Valentine’s day followed by super business trip to New York and London (see Feb. 08 posting – I haven’t figured out the linking thing yet).

So I’m worried, my sniffle continued, my throat still scratchy. Is it that pregnancy nose clog that I’ve had for awhile anyway?

I’m panicking primarily because this weekend is a planned mini-holiday with close friends from Pittsburgh who I see once a year. Husband and I used to live down the street from them and we did all sorts of cool things. Now they come down to Florida once a year and drag us to all the places we normally wouldn’t think of going to. Like last year – we went to the Everglades and in trying our hand at canoeing the first time, almost became a delivery lunch to 3 of the biggest alligators every seen.

Followed by a night of torture as it poured rain and our tent was not suitably water proof – unhappy. But there were also brilliant moments where we cooked great food and saw many amazing animals. I saw a Bald Eagle and a death head spider!

Somewhere between the insanity of canoeing next to alligators and chasing buzzards from our campsite, it became the best vacation of the year and I would be so disappointed and upset if my last vacation before baby girl arrives involves me – SICK!

That’s it - I’m not going to work tomorrow. It’s either me or sick girl staying home. I can’t take the stress.


Greasycog said...

You forgot to mention husband getting sick from the rainy night.

R. Molder said...

That's right, and husband got Bronchitis from the wet drippy tent. Obviously not a highlight I was quick to recall in my current state of frustration in being sick. Yes I caught the cold and will be spending weekend sick as all white blood cells have dedicated themselves to baby girl.