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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Company Christmas Dinner

Someone always gets really drunk. This year it's senior designer and boss.

Awkward Highlight -
Boss announces my senior designer leads a casual life at work and draws one or 2 drawings in the morning before rushing off to lunch. I felt compelled to defend his honor and announced that the other 3 ladies in the creative group are very good at keeping him on schedule and focused. Suddenly the boss bellows that all 3 women should move in with senior designer and then goes through a series of mock conversations he might have with each one - in bed. He then decides its not fair to the remaining ladies to leave them out and one by one suggests what it would be like for each to shack up with senior designer.

Amusing Highlights -
Boss's wife leans to our side of the table and discusses how her husband is a big baby and whines when he doesn't get his way. Somehow writing this does not seem to capture how funny it was in person.

Boss gives speech of how great we all are to work with, one big family, were small but wonderful - senior designer yells "speak for yourself".

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