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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmmmm Outback

I seem determined to wreck all advances made by morning workout. Outback is almost the last restaurant within a short walking distance from the hotel that I have not yet had and it has been beckoning for a several days. Tonights message was short, it said "I promise to give you chicken and pasta that will make you happy!" and I promptly gave in.

I entered the promise land with the request to test taste 3 different wines before I settled on one. The funny part is the servings kept getting bigger! The last was almost 1/2 the glass - silly waiter (unlike cheap Ruth steak house waiter who gave me tiny sips of 2 wines).

I ordered chicken and shrimp pasta. First the lovely brown bread came out - I'm sure you are drooling at this point, nice beautiful brown bread with soft creamy butter. Then they brought "welcome shrimp" breaded and with a drizzle of mayo! Then the pasta where the chicken was wonderful and everything a chicken texture has ever promised to be. How I love Chicken - from America, no bones, skin, beaks or feet - just lovely pressed together formed in a strip chicken breast.

Lovely night, going to bed early because tomorrow I'm going to China to visit mechanism factories. I must remember to take a banana for the food will certainly be interesting.

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