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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Buying Contact Lenses

It seems like every year it changes as to who has the cheapest contacts.  I buy Biofinity Energy lenses and before getting a years supply, I made sure to cross check with three suppliers:

Target Optical –

  • Rakuten 4% cash back
  • 6 pack $229.96
  • 5% back from Target card, $11.50 savings

1800contacts –

  • Rakuten 6% cash back, $11.90 savings
  • 6 pack $198.37
  • $40 rebate (cash card, claim it when contacts arrive, takes 6-8 weeks)
    • Still cheaper than Target even if I somehow miss the deadline
  • Used Discover Miles which earns 1.5% back

Walgreens -

  • Rakuten – no discount
  • 6 pack $263.96
I used to get a discount with State Farm insurance for Target contacts which gave them the best deal, but after that was dropped, I started searching other sites.  Last year Walgreens had the best price, now this year 1800contacts is the winner.  I almost missed the cut off date for the rebate card.  I assumed it would come in the mail, but after logging my monthly purchases, I looked up the receipt and realized I had to go to the 1800contacts rebate page, print it out and mail it by the 23rd.  Hurray!  I'm getting it in the mail today.

I also found an excellent detail - 1800contacts will replace torn contacts!  I tear at least one set per year so this is pretty cool.  Target also used to replace them for me so I like having this option.  

1800contacts for the win!

As a side note, I still haven't caved and bought Vision Insurance.  I've researched it and know I could write it off on my taxes, but it comes up to just under $300 per year, and with the discounts I would pay $200 more per year so it's not worth it to me.

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