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Monday, September 12, 2022

Game Day 2022 - Epic Failure

 Game Day was an epic failure, or so I'm inclined to believe based on the moaning and groaning of #2.

"Mummy", he cried, in a British accent, and while we're not British, it sounds more amusing in my head this way.  "Game day was not great", pauses, at a loss for words to explain what an epic failure he believes the day to be without actually coming out and saying it.  "We", dramatic pause, "only got, TWO hours of phone time".  Caught up in his grief and disappointment, he doesn't notice the warning signs of a parent who is becoming annoyed with his ungrateful surmisings.  He continues to sulk as the mother stares him down whilst preparing dinner.

"You had two hours of phone time", she declares, "one more than on a normal school day, continue complaining and we will simply cancel video game day next year".  Face pained, but unwilling to anger the mother further, he sculks away, undeterred from his belief that he should have been allowed to play his phone until his eyeballs fell out, or bedtime, whichever came first.

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