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Monday, August 15, 2022

Part 3 of our Summer Break

Part 3 of our summer break began the day after we returned from Montana.  It includes all the basic doctor appointments such as dental cleaning, eye doctor, orthodontist, and even a foot doctor to assess an ingrown toe nail.  Managing appointments for 4 kids has become a side job.

Next we will tackle school supplies which also means reconciling with the fact that the school website needs updated (another side job).

School clothes - my third child is 10 but has outgrown 10/12's, the next size is 14/16 which my 14 year old daughter wears.  They attend a private school so we buy Lands End polo's and I guess it's time to assign colors.  This tall girl needs to slow down.  No one expects girls who are 4 years apart to wear the same clothes!

At some point we really should clean the camper as we did live in it for almost a week but it's currently parked at the church because my mom had a driveway issue that needs addressed so it's been put on the get to later list but hopefully this month we can get it back to mom's house and give it a proper cleaning.

The dishwasher is making a crackling sound so we need to get those guys back to fix it.

Aisha, our black cat, and Charlotte discovered a mouse on a sticky pad in the kitchen today.  To make a long story short, we now need to search for it's friends and make sure they evacuate.  As if having a Jack Russel Terrier and 2 cats wasn't enough to drive fear into the hearts of small creatures.  I really can't imagine what the mouse was thinking but maybe, just maybe it was only one who didn't have time to facebook all his little friends and family to join our terrifying abode.  

I need to get caught up on a month and a half of bills.  Boo hiss.

One of the apartments in our rental property needs updated.  I think we're looking at 2-3 months of repainting and repairs, needless to say we'll be there every weekend until it's done.

Our lawnmower needs fixed. 

All the kids must learn to ride a bike this summer, we've simply crossed the line of reasonable timeline in which our oldest should be proficient.  Our oldest is my size, she's literally wearing my clothes and only 1/2 size smaller in shoe size and probably the same in height difference!  Henceforth, she cannot ride the medium size kid bikes anymore.  Husband has gallantly offered to build her a bike using 3 old bikes, each of which have some issue that somehow requires rebuilding one with the working parts of three.  Prior to this proclamation we had gone to a bike store and found the most basic bike to be over $600.   We've tried working with her on my college bike but the seat is too high, we can't get it any lower, and despite being almost my size she's unhappy with a bike that I've dearly loved and apparently got quite used to stopping while on the tips of my toes.  It gives me the best turning stride and I used to get every ounce of speed out of that machine.  Alas, my oldest wants to be able to put her entire foot on the ground so we are now going to build her a bike.  How will this fit into the above schedule?  Lord only knows.

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