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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Toys I refuse to buy my kids

Sorry kids, as you read this one day, I tried my best to indulge but some items are on the permanently banned list.  I'm sure you will understand once you have kids of your own one day.

1.  Easy Bake Oven - if they want to bake, follow me to the kitchen, I bake homemade breads, cookies and other desserts several times a week.  It's how I learned to bake.  I'm not buying into the packages of pre-made foods so they can dump in a few ingredients and pretend to bake. 

2.  Electric Scooters - I think they are ridiculous and miss the entire point of having a scooter, which is to exercise one leg and learn good balance.  If you hit a bump, fall, and get up without screaming, as my son did about a year ago, then you get huge props for endurance.  

3.  Radio controlled Drones - just what I need, an expensive toy that can be flown and crashed.  They can buy it when they grow up and appreciate the money spent.  Maybe they will be cheap enough to crash them at that point without any concern for the money spent.

4.  Hover boards - get over your fantasy of Back to the Future or buy it when you grow up.  I'm not spending ridiculous bucks so you can fall off a zooming board that rams into the neighbors house while you lie on the ground screaming after crashing into a tree or something.

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