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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Frugal Living - Investing Year 1

2019 was our first year to to invest in the stock market.  Prior to this year we had never had significant funds to invest.  In 2018 we held money in a money market account for down payment on our house.  Prior years money was tied up in a renovation house that was not meant to be, but once this was sold, we were happy to finally try our hand in the stock market.  Despite dour warnings at the end of 2018, we jumped in with much excitement.  We invested with Vanguard and put 30% in energy bonds and 70% in high earning ETF's.  It was surprisingly addictive.  At first I checked our accounts daily, by mid-year it was once a week and by now a few times a month.  

The biggest mistake we made was putting all our reserve funds into ETF's.  We got a little carried away with the idea that all available money must be working money and when there were times that we had to pay off a big bill for vehicle repairs, it was a hassle to sell funds and move it around.  This year I plan to keep our reserve account separate so it's available when needed.  

We've set up money market accounts for our kids since they were born and they were earning pennies each year.  We put all their money into separate accounts in Vanguard and invested each into ETF's.  It was really fun to watch their money grow throughout the year and I've been working with the two oldest to teach them investing basics.  If they can learn at a young age they could be set for life.  This year I want to put money into each account for their birthdays in addition to whatever presents they get.  I think that could be a good tradition.  

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