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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

This last trip just about killed us

I have a terrible tendency to "bite off far more than I can chew", as the saying goes, and that'as all fine, until I bring others into the mix. 

In the first week of July, our church has a Convention, where many related churches of similar beliefs come together for a week of services.  It's an exciting time, and easy to get caught up in the energy of attending other churches revivals.  We met some folks from the Mississippi church and casually mentioned we were thinking of visiting them for their Labor Day weekend revival.  They got super excited and introduced us to someone who had camper hook ups on his property so by the time last weekend rolled around we were committed.  Even though we'd barely finished school shopping, left all of it on a table to be divided up the first morning of school, and got back at 11:30pm to put the kids in bed at midnight! 

It was an ambitious trip, with very little pre-planning and lots of wrong turns that had us driving late into the night for half the trip!  Regardless, the services were outstanding,

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