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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Today on Random Tuesday, I want to talk about my favorite fall things!

1.  Orange Mushrooms - they come up every October in our front yard.  They are just so cute and seasonally orange.  I love them.

2.  Speaking of orange, I love this little orange ghost.  It's from TY, and can also be found on Amazon.

3.  Pumpkins of course!  I celebrated October 1st by baking 2 pumpkins the night before, draining them overnight and then making pumpkin pie, pumpkin sheet cake and pumpkin muffins!  I love baking with fresh pumpkin!!

4.  Check out this little cutie in orange!

5.  Sweet Potatoes!  We've got a bumper crop this year and these things are the biggest I've ever seen!  I can't wait to update my "Garden to Table" link with favorite sweet potato recipes!!

6.  Cider - because Fall is more than orange things!  My husband lamented the overuse of Pumpkin spice this season so I'm on a mission to put apples on our menu!

Stacy Uncorked

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