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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy 16th Anniversary to my Wonderful Husband

Last year was spent combing head lice.  This year was spent driving to Texas on day 6 of a trip that was only supposed to take 3 days.  We stopped at Target in the morning to get lattes and our favorite breakfast foods - chocolate croissant for me and apple fritter for him.  I bought a People Magazine which I used to get pre-kids and read on the beach.  It's not a great magazine and I've lost track of most of the celebrities highlighted but for one hour I pretended to be on a beach with my breakfast and magazine instead of in a van driving until 11pm!

Next year, can we do something that just involves the 2 of us that is fun and not involving bugs or driving all day?

We took some really amazing vacation before kids.  One was in 2002 where we went to Big Bear, CA for 4 days.  We had fun mountain biking down an entire mountain and we got really sun burned.  The food was great there and we really enjoyed the area.  I'm glad we did fun vacations pre-kids. 

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