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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life is so short

I can't escape death.  Every day, I read about someone my age who has died a tragic death.  I say tragic because it's generally considered so for anyone below the age of retirement and especially with kids.

For the record, I'm 40. 

The latest three that have captured my heart and attention are:

Joey Feek - 40, cancer, musician, left behind a 2 year old

Eric Medalle - 42, tree fell on car while he was driving, Pokemon artist, left behind a 2 and 6  year old

Elise Lachowyn, 48 - killed by dump truck while crossing the road in front of the Javit's center which was hosting the New York toy fair.  This one really hit home because I'm in the toy industry.  She leaves behind a 6 year old.

Death takes good people and bad people.  It doesn't matter if you have things left to do, kids left to raise or families to care for.  Death doesn't care.  When it's your time, you better be ready.  

update 3/31/16
Dino Trubiano - 39, died suddenly the night before twins were born.  Attorney who ran every day and was a vegetarian.  

Gail Minglana Martinez, 41, died in from injuries sustained in the Brussel's airport attack, mother of four.  

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