Friday, April 03, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Violette!

We got back from our little vacation just in time to receive this fun basket from Mema:

She was thrilled!!  But we ran out of time to make s Rapunzul cake so I sent everyone to the store to get a cake.  I guess I planned too many things for one day.  Cake decorating takes some serious time and effort!  Next time we need to do it a few days in advance and freeze the cake.

I think her favorite presents were the Rapunzul dress, gloves and purse because three year olds just live to be fancy and she got another long fluffy purple dress for Sunday's.

I had a photo filter on by mistake so the picture is not clear.  Hazards of using a new phone!

She also got silver sparkly shoes and purple sparkly shoes!

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