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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Who loves perfection? I DO, I DO!!!

Fourth baby has me in fits from not being able to create a perfectly photogenic moment.  She's only happy when clinging to a parent so putting her down for a photo shoot only confuses her and leads to an all out screaming fit.  Perhaps I'm falsely influenced by other parents who post new baby photos with what seems relative ease and the baby is sleeping on some cute pile of towels or in a lovely well composed outfit that baby has seemingly had no stress about be dressed in.  Sometimes we keep her in the same outfit for several days to reduce the trauma of outfit changes. 

There is a happy baby in there, just when she's attached to moma or daddy!

Take this outfit for example - I wanted cute baby photos, Evie wanted to sleep and cuddle.  So the idea of putting her in this summer outfit and being put down was just too much for her to handle.

Maybe it's the floor she hates, so we try the bouncer.

Still not happy, maybe we try again after feeding her.

Finally, the Facebook shot (formerly known as the money shot)!  It was fleeting and I immediately changed her outfit back to pajamas.
And here's the edited version!

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