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Friday, May 02, 2014

Introducing, Super Enthusiastic Produce Guy

"Carrots, we need carrots for Charlotte's school lunch", I announce to my family, while shopping at Food Lion.  As I ponder carrot options, Super Enthusiastic Product Guy swoops in...
"Hey!  Did you know, those carrots are juiced and then the pulp remains are pressed together to make those tiny carrots?  I make my own baby carrot mash at home." says SEPG.
"Ah no, I was not aware of that.  But she likes them", I say, as I locate the tiny ones".
"But they basically have NO nutritional value!", he says, at a much louder volume and passionately. 
"Okay, when you put it that way", I say while reaching for the whole carrots.
We quickly move onto the applesauce aisle and round the corner to pass produce again.  I move in to grab a bunch when suddenly SEPG reappears to tell me the Organic Banana's are better, much better!  More firm and dense.  Only $0.08 more per pound!  I slowly put back the dirty bananas and select an organic set.

We complete our shopping and on the way to our truck we spot SEPG outside, taking a SMOKING break!!! 

Seriously Hagerstown, I can't make this stuff up. 

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