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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall, Fall, Fall - Glorious Fall

How I've missed you - all those years tucked down in Southern Florida, only wearing boots one week per year when we'd get a tiny cold spell.  I've just had one week of glorious cold weather in Hagerstown, MD and my boots are happy to be worn daily.

My oldest is enjoying stockings - bright, bright, bright stockings of fuschia pink and purple.  She attends a conservative private school where her uniforms are a bit bland in navy blue and tan so the bright colors really cheer her up each day.  I wonder if I could find butterfly stockings?  That would totally geek her out.

But alas, there is always a drawback.  Husband saw the summer electric bill and is freezing us to 70 degree temps inside.  I think he's willing to let it drop to 68.  This morning I tried, I really really tried to sit in a cold room with scarf, boots and sweater but my spine got cold!  Yes, my spine!  It felt all stiff and rigid until I finally caved and brought a little space heater in.  Now I'm nice and cozy in my den of solitude - i.e. home office.

I thought maybe the kids would revolt, but Sam, the three year old, is perfectly fine running around the house in a t-shirt and shorts.  I've asked him if he's cold and he says no!  The oldest also seems perfectly fine in short sleeves.  Kids, I can't believe they've left me out in the cold on this one! 

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