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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random Tuesday: I declare war against Earwigs!

I grew up in Hagerstown Maryland but left 20 years ago to pursue college in Pittsburgh which lead me to finish in Fort Lauderdale.  Upon graduation I found a job in the area and stayed - for 12 more years.  I liked the job, bought a condo, had 3 kids - basically I put down roots but I wasn't happy about raising my kids down there because all my family is up here!  So we made a master plan to move back and here we are!

But I forgot about many things in 20 years.  Mainly the bugs!  Did you know mosquitos are worse up here!  I had no idea that if you leave a pool of water in the lawn for 2 days it would become a haven and bite your kids until they cry and moan all day long.  Then I suddenly remembered S. Florida hates bugs and sprays relentlessly because we have water everywhere down there.

And there are Earwigs!  Long skinny bugs with pinchers.  Our house has been unoccupied for two years so I guess they moved their merry band of relatives inside.  At first I didn't mind seeing them in the basement because I told myself we'd eventually seal off the windows and keep them from getting in.  But then I found a nest in the mailbox - EWWWW.  Earwigs playing in my mail!!!

Then I found one in my purse!  Okay this means war!!

But it gets worse!

Yesterday I made a homemade mocha with my handy dandy Italian coffee maker that had been sitting around since last Friday.  I rinsed out all parts except the inside "sealed" area that has a rubber seal and mesh plate.  This involves one hot chocolate packet, add hot espresso on top, stir and put into the freezer for an hour then add milk!  It was wonderful.  Until I'm about halfway done with the iced mocha and I find something crunchy IN MY MOUTH!!!  I quickly swish it out only to realize I just chomped down on an Earwig!!!!

EWWW EWWW EWWW!  So traumatized.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to yesterday's post! 

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