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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it really a week later? And is baby really 3 months old today???

Stunned to realize this past week has flown by. Last Thursday I spent the morning packing like a mad women and preparing for a hurricane (that never got here but certainly looked ominous enough).

It was interesting getting through security with a dog and baby. Husband had baby and I had dog. Both must be removed from their carriers, then carriers are dropped on the conveyor belt and pet/baby hand carried through the doorway.

The flight went smoothly thanks to all the advice to nurse baby on the accent and descent.

I was worried about baby getting upset on the 2 hour drive home but she just sat in her car seat and giggled at grandma most of the way home. Babies do have such a way with grandparents.

We got to see my 93 year old great aunt. It was a really nice visit and she told us how she held my grandfather when he was born (she was 6) and she held my dad and myself and now my daughter. How cool is that. She also told us to not let Charlotte stand at such a young age because it will make her bow legged and it's one of those moments when you just nod and and say - oh really, we'll be careful to not do that. Husband came home and found it debunked in our "First year with baby" book.

Mom threw a post born baby shower with 31 relatives - at least 10 of which were children under the age of 10. It rained so we were all cooped up inside where it became a wonderful distraction to have a sweet playful dog that all the kids could adore. I think the dog was more popular then the baby! Husband even got the dog to do all his tricks and let the kids give him treats.

I got to see friends from high school while grandma babysat - really makes one want to move home!

The flight home was as lovely as the first.

I'm sure one day we will have a nail biting trip with the baby but this one was almost perfect - until you count the small mishaps of forgetting the breast pump base (yeah I packed all the parts but the base) and over packing a bit (I really didn't need to pack the bottle warmer and so many clothes and blankets!!!). Hard to find the right packing balance with babies first trip. Since going back to work I've gotten quite reliant on the breast pump and it was a bit alarming to deal without. In fact I didn't, I went to the store and bought a cheap hand pump which was extremely difficult to use and made me so thankful for electric.

And finally, baby is 3 months old today

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