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Saturday, July 07, 2007

For the record, 4pm Fridays…

June 1st – see below post

June 8th – my mom, aunt and cousin were visiting so took the day off

June 15th – left work at 6:00, stayed late to help Christine get ready for Hong Kong trip and evening went to Biddy’s to see Dilana show

June 22nd – left work at 4:20, went to the beach

June 29th – office moving day, left work at 6:30pm, was exhausted so came home to shower and watch movies

July 6th – left work at 7:30pm, we started the grand opening office party at 3pm with the hopes that it would not run too late. Everyone that tried to leave was met with cries of no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed the latest out of obligation and guilt in leaving the boss’s wife since he had gone back to work with Kevin and she & I were the last 2 left. But after finishing my wine and running out of things to say I said goodbyes and left. My remaining evening was spent eating pizza rolls and watching Double Jeopardy.

Next Friday is my anniversary so I will not be working. After that, my commitment to leave Friday promptly at 4pm and go straight to the beach is resumed.

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