Sunday, July 15, 2018

Warning - on vacation and prone to blog catch up

As I dust off this old thing, read through old travel posts to see what I've written about and if there's any useful information for current day, I'm amazed, awed, and thankful to myself for the diligence in writing so much in the past when I obviously had the time to do so - 147 travel posts!  I couldn't remember the details even if I tried. 

Each passing year my posts are less and less but I really never want this to end, until my last day on earth of course.  That said, if you are still following, don't be surprised if I go and "fill" in the blanks here and there with some truly odd-ball posts like "Spring 2018".  I love those because every year I check to see when our crocus' last bloomed and if they are early or late.  I can't explain why but for some reason it's very important to me to check on this every year.

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